Coin toss lab in 10th grade Biology simulates genetic probability and heredity

On Wednesday the 11th, Biology teacher Maria Burgess’s tenth grade biology class did a coin toss lab to try and simulate the probable heredity of certain genes.


Author Mitchell Zuckoff talks about his book, Lost in Shangri-La

On Wednesday the 14th, author Mitchell Zuckoff came to the school to talk about his adventure book Lost in Shangri-la.  Lost in Shangri-la is based on a true story in which members of the US military got stranded in a valley called Shangri-la in New Guinea.  After the presentation, the author met with a small discussion group of high schoolers who had read his book for summer reading.



Annual Jingle Bell Walk puts a smile on kids’ faces

The annual Jingle bell walk was held last Saturday, the third, at Masconomo Park and the community center.  At the Jingle Bell Walk, Santa drives into Manchester Harbor on a fishing boat and disembarks at one of the docks at Masconomo Park.  Then Santa gets onto a trailer (later used for hay rides) and rides up to Singing Beach followed by the enthusiastic crowd.  Activities, music, and refreshments were offered at the community center shortly after the walk.


AP Physics class uses Newton’s Second Law to figure out a mystery mass

The C block AP Physics class, taught by Kyle Linehan, used special Vernier tracks and cars to measure the force of the cars slamming into the end of the track.  Using this and Newton’s second law (Force = Mass X Acceleration), they can determine the mass of a mystery object.


Middle School dresses up for Spirit Days

Last week, the middle school had their own spirit days week.  The students were encouraged to wear red, white, and blue clothing on Wednesday the 9th to honor their veterans day assembly, and multi-colored clothing on Thurday the 10th for Mix It Up day in the dining hall, where students are encouraged to sit with new people and make new friends.


Students practice for the fall musical and produce promo video

The Drama Club is working on a new musical, led by drama teacher Gloria Tanner.

1776 tells the story of how the United States gained its independence, and includes singing and dancing by the case members.

The play begins at 7:00 pm on the 17th, 18th, and 19th.

The club also produced a promotional video, produced by freshman Courtney MacDougall, shown below.


Pep rally gallery!

         The pep rally last Friday was full of many surprises and fun activities, including a teacher flash mob, three legged race, a balloon blowing game, and stacking candy on peers’ heads.  The flash mob in particular had a very enthusiastic response from both students and other staff.  Both staff and students also enjoyed watching the many games played and the overall ecstatic atmosphere and school spirit.  They also gave a big congratulation to all the fall sports teams for a great season.


Seventh grade engineering class builds bottle rockets

The seventh grade engineering class, taught by Steve Cogger, does many fun projects to introduce the students to basic concepts of engineering. Currently they are making bottle rockets out of many common found materials including plastic soda bottles, foam board, hot glue, and other supplies. After the students have completed the bottle rockets they will spend a class period launching them outside.


Art Foundations partners with creative writing class

The high school Art Foundations class does dozens of art projects in a variety of mediums to give students experience in different types of art.  At this time, the class is doing a project involving a combination of contour drawings and collage.  In the next project,, English teacher Gloria Tanner and Art foundations Teacher Marion Powers devised a project in which the Art Foundations students illustrate the short stories written in Tanner’s Creative Writing class.