Softball team begins season with fourth coach in four years

New varsity softball coach Mike Harrison has agreed to lead the team during this season.

Harrison has coached softball on and off for 20 years; he was a baseball coach for several years, working at Emmanuel College, MIT, UMass Lowell, and Lasell College.

He said he enjoys coaching and is looking forward to providing the best venues for the new players to learn more techniques in this year’s softball season.

Scrimmaging away against Gloucester on Mon., April 7, in their first unofficial game of the program, the team lost 3-2.

“I don’t play my programs by wins and losses but by people who take it seriously and people who have a dedication for the sport,” Harrison said.

Their first official game was scheduled for Wed., April 9, at home against Ipswich, but it was postponed for another time due to weather conditions.

At their game on Fri., April 11, at Rockport the girls played a close game, but lost 2-1, according to sophomore and leftfielder, Isabella Hickey.

“He’s teaching us stuff that the world class professionals have done who play in the international league,” sophomore and right fielder Molly Lynch said.

According to senior captain Samantha Taylor, the coach has stressed the importance of mechanics in the softball team’s practices.

“The new coach is helping a lot; he’s very knowledgeable. We’re working a lot on mechanics,” Taylor said.

Harrison said he is excited to start the season off with his introduction to not only enhancing the player’s abilities, but also boosting their confidence.

“I try to build the kid’s confidence, and they’ve had three or four different coaches in the past, and I want to give them the upper mechanics on the field,” he said.