Student sounds of the season

Friends, family, and teachers gathered to watch the annual winter middle school concert, which includes a seventh and eighth grade chorus, as well as a separate sixth grade chorus. After the choruses, the band performed some musical selections.


Students launch toys across gym

In a seventh grade gym class, physical education Thomas Durfee gives his class two challenges they must complete using only a tarp and a plastic animal.





Making Mixed Media

Seventh graders focus on using different textures and patterns to create a piece of mixed media artwork. They will use a variety of materials, including exacto knives, scissors, glue, and paper to complete their projects.


Students go mad for Mathopoly

As a break from their usual math unit, Matthew Schlegel’s sixth grade math class play Mathopoly, a game based off of the family favorite Monopoly. Typically, the game takes hours to play, so the students will play the game throughout the school year.


Cross Country teams qualify for All-States

On Saturday, November 16, 2013, the Hornets team traveled towards Central Massachusetts to compete in the All-State competition. This is the first year that the girls and the boys have both qualified.


Cross Country: Division 6 Champions!

On Saturday November 9, 2013, Cross Country teams traveled to Wrentham to participate in a competition with teams across the state to determine which eight teams (four from the girls, four from the boys) from each of the six divisions would continue on to All States next Saturday, November 16th. In addition to these eight teams, ten boys and girls were able to qualify individually. The runner-up teams and the first place teams received a plaque, and the first fifteen runners to cross the finish line received a medal.

The Manchester Essex Hornets came in to the races hoping to qualify both the girls and the boys this year, after the boys grabbed the fourth place spot and went to All States in 2012. While Captain Fiona Davis mentioned she thought the girls’ team would do well this year, everyone was surprised and ecstatic to find that both the Hornets girls and boys had got first in Division 6 on Saturday. In addition to this, four boys and four girls had come in the first fifteen for the Hornets.

After a strong performance by the girls, the gap between the Hornets and the runner-up, Ursuline, was 37 points, with the Hornets at 50 points, and Ursuline with 87 (lowest score wins). Leading the Hornets and coming in first with a time of 18:13 was junior Olivia Lantz, followed by senior Fiona Davis (6th) at 19:04 and seventh grader Eve Feuerbach (9th) at 19:13. Coming in a bit after Feuerbach was eighth grader Holly Fossa (15th) at 19:43, who received the last medal for the girls. Fifth for the Hornets and 20th overall was freshman Maura McCormick, with a time of 20:29. Freshman Niamh Dalton (30th) and senior Kendall McCormick also ran smart races, both finishing under 22 minutes.

The boys’ race was a bit tighter, with the Hornets pulling ahead of Coyle Cassidy by 7 points, with a final score of 46 (Hornets) to 53 (Coyle Cassidy). Coming in one after another were junior Cam Holley (3rd) at 16:34 and freshman Spencer Feuerbach (4th) at 16:38. Close behind Feuerbach was eighth grader Patrick Guinee (9th) at 16:51 and sophomore Nathan Evans (12th) at 17:01. Evans was the last of the Hornet boys to receive a medal for being in the top fifteen. Less than half a minute behind Evans was sophomore Charlie Davis (18th) at 17:23. The sixth and seventh Hornets runners were juniors Parker Malarkey and Campbell Fackre, who both finished within a second of each other. All seven of the Hornets boys finished in the top 25 runners, with four in the top 15.

The dual win at State Qualifiers means that the top seven for each team will be participating in All States on November 16th in Gardner, MA. The teams will both bring extra runners that will be ready to race, in case someone is injured before or the day of the race. For the girls, freshmen Julia Potter, Jenny Duff, and Jillian Furber are available as alternates, as well as junior Julia Whitten. On the boys side, sophomore Connor Senay and junior Eric Fossa continue training with the team in case a top seven runner is injured.


Sixth graders build on their scientific knowledge

Sixth grade students work on building their own molecules using a kit provided by science teacher Pat Locke. They created five different molecules with their partners.


Seventh graders flink it up

The seventh grade science class was given the challenge of creating a canister that would flink, not floating and not sinking. They had certain materials they could use, and specific goal in mind. They had to make the canister flink on their first try.


Freshman Advisory scavenger hunt

During advisory block, the freshman class took part in a scavenger hunt throughout the whole school. They were given a sheet of paper with a list of items they would need to locate in order to learn more about the high school.


Engineering class creates 3D boxes out of 2D paper

Seventh graders in engineering teacher John Banister-Marx’s class create rough drafts of boxes they will be creating, to study post-processing marketing, which is the technique used to encourage sales of a product.