8th graders play holiday games before break

As a tradition, 8th grade teachers set up a holiday activity to play on the last day of school before break. The teachers set up this activity to get students in the holiday spirit and ready for the winter break.


Swim team defeats Lynnfield

Starting after thanksgiving break, the Manchester Essex swim team has been preparing to swim against other schools in meets. This week, the swim team traveled to the Peabody YMCA to swim against Lynnfield.


Past meet information:


Manchester Essex VS Triton


Manchester Essex Varsity and Junior Varsity Swimming and Diving won each of their season openers against Triton on December 18, 2013.   The varsity squad won the opening event, the 200 IM relay  with  Annalia Laino, Coleman Komishane, Mike Phelan and James Phelan.  The JV squad managed a first place as well with Elizabeth Warren, Jake Tyler, Emily Callahan and Alexandra Lee.  The Varsity squad managed to place 1-2 in the 200 yard freestyle  with Nate Rautio placing first  with a time of 2:00.92 and  Komishane placing second with a time of 2:02: 06. Later in the meet, Komishane will go on to qualify for Sectional Championships in the 500 Free.  For the JV, Alyssa Fraser and Anna Arntsen managed a 1-2 as well.  In the Varsity 200 IM, James Phelan had a exciting swim placing first and in the JV 100 IM, Maddie Pomeroy managed a smooth first place finish.  Next, Mike Phelan secured his spot in the Sectionals Championship with a blazing time of 23.90. Captain Cottingham, the versatile swimmer and diver placed second with a 29.43.  In the JV 50 free, senior Ellie Higgins and Santana Tosi had spectacular swims placing 2nd and 3rd respectively.  Sophomore Erin Carlson paired with James Phelan for a 1-2 finish in the 100 fly.  The JV squad fell right in line with the Captain duo of Madeline Pomeroy and Lila Hughes.  The Hornets continued to make impressive swims with Mike Phelan and Captain Easton Ehlers going 1-2 in the 100 Free with Mike Phelan once again qualifying for Sectional Championships.  The Varsity 200 free relay held on to place second with a strong team of Callahan, Fraser, Morgan Fraser and Carlson.  The JV impressed the crowd with a 1-2 finish featuring Amber Shaw, Annie Alfano, Tyler, Isadora Decker-Lucke, Higgins, Paul Difluri, Jasmine Dort and Per Hostage.  The backstroke events were successful with Laino  speeding her way to Sectional Championships in the 100 back right behind Ehlers.  Anna Arntsen and Kelly Moore had strong finishes in the 50 Breaststroke with the varsity taking 1-2 with the team of Will Finn and Lee. To cap off the night, Komishane, Mike Phelan, James Phelan and Ehlers qualified for Sectionals with a time of 3:49.83.


Manchester Essex VS Ipswich


Manchester Essex won their second meet in their home opener at Gordon College.  The 200 IM relay of Annalia Laino, Alexendra Lee, Erin Carlson and Lila Hughes qualified for Sectional Championships and managed to take 3rd place behind the winning relay of Easton Ehlers, James Phelan, Mike Phelan and Coleman Komishane.  The JV 200 IM relay was strong with In the 200 yard free Ehlers and James Phelan went 1-2 with the JV 100 free managing a spectacular sweep with Leahy finishing first in a blazing 1:07 with Jake Tyler and Elizabeth Warren finishing right behind.  In the 200 IM, Nate Rautio and Komishane finished 1-2 with the JV following suit with Madeline Pomeroy and Isadora Decker-Lucke dominating the 100 IM. In the 100 free, Mike Phelan took the 1st place, Laino speeding through with another Sectionals cut with a time of 59.53 and  Per Hostage taking first in the JV 50 Free.  In the grueling 100 yard fly, Erin Carlson, Hughes and Mike Phelan took charge with Phelan winning the event.  In the JV 50 Fly, Amber Shaw and Pomeroy secured points for the team placing 2nd and 3rd.  The mid-way point of the meet is highlighted by the 500 yard freestyle which Komishane  got the win while Lee and  Kelly Moore rounded out the squad for this endurance event.  The 200 freestyle relay was quite a fight with Cottingham, Nate Rautio, Will Finn and Hughes taking first.  Not too far behind was Pomeroy, Morgan Fraser, Jake Tyler and Mike Leahy.  Additionally,  the Varsity team of Anna Arntsen, Annie Alfano, Moore and Elizabeth Warren finished strong in this event.  The JV had a speedy finish with Amber Shaw leading off with team of Moore, Tyler, and Alyssa Fraser.  Backing them up were the teams of Santana Tosi, Annie Alfano, Decker-Lucke and Emily Callahan.  In lane 6 was Higgins, Difluri, Per Hostage and Jasmine Dort finishing strong.  The 100 back was exciting as eight-grader Annalia Laino made State Championships with a time of 1:06.51 right behind Ehlers.  The JV backstroke team of Callahan, Dort and Alfano scored some winning points for the JV squad,  The breaststroke was exciting as Rautio took first place for the Varsity with Will Finn and Cottingham close behind.  Arntsen, the solo performer for the JV in the 50 breaststroke managed to take first with a time of 44.70. Capping of the meet, James Phelan, Rautio, Komishane and Mike Phelan made Sectional cuts.  Manchester-Essex won the meet 95-75 with the JV winning with a score of 71-52.


Manchester-Essex VS Hamilton-Wenham


The mighty Hornets faced off with the Generals in a much awaited dual-in-the-pool.  The Varsity Hornets won a total of  9 out of 11 events against the Generals but the Generals depth proved to hearty for the Hornets as the match came down to the wire. The JV beat the 4 year, undefeated JV Generals squad with a score of 67-57.  The Hornets lost the meet by a mere unprecedented 4 points!  The JV team is undefeated with win over the Generals.  Hamilton-Wenham JV has gone undefeated for the past 4 years but they were no match for the JV Hornets.  The dynamic foursome of Ehlers, Rautio, James Phelan and Mike Phelan lead off with a win in the 200 IM medley relay.  Annalia Laino, Will Finn, Erin Carlson and Olivia Painter placed 4th putting the Hornets ahead by 2.  Coleman Komishane won the 200 Free with placing with a Sectional Championship cut of 2:12:03.  The Hornet’s pulled ahead by 6 points when James Phelan and Rautio went 1-2 in the 200 IM.  Zanny Lee also swam the 200 IM continuing her feats in the endurance events.  The 50 Free was won by Mike Phelan who was backed up by Peter Cottingham and Will Finn.  James Phelan scored 1st in the 100 fly with Carlson placing to keep the Hornets up by 2 points.  The Hornets grabbed 1-2 in the 100 Free to secure the lead with Ehlers and Rautio placing 1-2 in the event.  The 200 Free was stacked with the teams of Laino, Ehlers, Finn and Komishane for the second spot.  This was followed up by the teams Lee, Annie Alfano, Morgan Fraser, and Mike Leahy.  Right behind them were Liz Warren, Anna Arntsen, Amber Shaw and Jasmine Dort.  The varsity Hornets managed to grab 2-3 in the 100 back to bring the score back to a 4 point spread.  The last individual event was the 100 breast with Mike Phelan securing the win with a speedy 1:09.  The meet came down to the last relay with James Phelan , Komishane, Rautio and Mike Phelan securing another  Sectional cut in the 400 Free relay.  The other team of Cottingham, Morgan Fraser, Olivia Painter and Alfano scored 5th with Carlson, Shaw, Isadora Decker-Lucke and Warren placing 6th.  The Hornets lost in a score of 87-83 but this proved to be one of the best performances the Hornets have had in the recent past with the large Hamilton-Wenham team who has 20 more swimmers than the Hornets team. The Hornets JV team was no match for the Generals as the Hornets battled through the meet to win.  The medley relays of Santana Tosi, Jacob Tyler, Paul DiFLuri and Jasime Dort, Decker-Lucke, Emily Callahan, Alfano and Alyssa Fraser, Shaw, Arntsen, Becka Hille-Tawater and Madeline Pomeroy started the meet off for the Hornets.  Tyler, Shaw, and Warren scored 9 points in the 100 free pulling the Hornets.  The 100 IM was an impressive 1-2-3 effort with Tawater, Hughes and Pomeroy  The 50 Free scooped up 10 points with Warren, Morgan Fraser and Warren answering the call.  The 200 yard free style squads included Ellie Higgins who shine along with Per Hostage in the 50 Free.  It was the 1-2 finish of Alfano and DIFluri that secure the win against the Generals.


Manchester-Essex at Lynnfield


This was a heart-stopping showdown against the Cape Ann League 2013 Champions.  The Varsity and JV Hornets managed to win both meets with the varsity scoring 97-86 and the JV celebrating with a score of 61-40.  This meet was up for grabs from the beginning!  Easton Ehlers, Nate Rautio, James Phelan and Mike Phelan continue to dominate the league with a winning time of 1:56:59.  Amber Shaw, Will Finn, Olivia Painter and Peter Cottingham secure a 2 point lead with their 4th place finish.  Coleman Komishane continues to shine in the 200 Free with a time of 2:01 with Zanny Lee bringing the crown to her feet with a come-from-behind, nail-biting finish of 4th place.  James Phelan and Rautio delivered again with a 1-2 in the 200 IM with the support of Becka Hill-Tawater filling the heat.  The 50 Freestyle was just as exciting with Mike Phelan making the State Championships in this event along with a head-to-head battle for points where Will Finn finished 6 one-hundredths ahead of the Lynnfield swimmer.  Peter Cottingham place 1st in the diving competition giving the Hornets a much needed edge against Lynnfield.   The 100 Fly was not for the faint-at-heart as James Phelan made the State Championships and Maddie Pomeroy getting the points for 5th place.  The 100 yard freestyle kept the Hornets in the lead with Ehlers placing 2nd and Annalia Laino placing 4th.  The 500 Free led by Komishane,  Rautio and Alfano put the Hornets ahead  with a 1-2 -6 finish.  The 200 Freestyle relays were geared up and they included Jasmine Dort, Jacob Tyler, Painter, Anna Arntsen, Laino, Ehlers, Leahy and Komishane, Cottingham, Pomeroy, Lila Hughes and Lee.  The Hornets were down by 3 points but that didn’t deter the Hornets. The 100 breaststroke had the attention of the crowd when Mike Phelan secured the win with Will Finn and Olivia Painter battling it out for 3rd and 5th bringing the Hornets up by 1 point!  With a the Hornets up by 1 point, it came down to the last relays.  The Hornets were not going to let this meet get away so they answered with a 1-2-5 finish which included James Phelan, Nate Rautio, Mike Phelan, Komishane, Painter, Carlson, Hughes, Arntsen, Laino, Leahy, Finn and Lee.  The JV squad went 1-2-3 in 5 events for the Hornets.  Arntsen, Kelly Moore, Hille-Tawater and Jacob Tyler  laces first in the 200 IM relay with Santana Tosi, Paul Difluri, Madeline Pomeroy and Jasmine Dort placing second and  Isadora Decker-Lucke, Emily Callahan, Annie Alfano, and Liz Warren placing third.  The 100 free had Amber Shaw placing first and Lila Hughes touching first for the 100 IM.  Alyssa Fraser one the 50 free with a time of :35.15.  The 50 yard fly saw a 1-2-3 with Morgan Fraser, Alyssa Fraser and Paul DiFluri getting 3rd.  The 200 Free was won by the Hornets and they were backed up by Ellie Higgins, Per Hostage, Callahan and DiFluri.  Santana Tosi secure her best time of the season in the 100 back for 2nd place.  Additionally, Moore swam her way to a season best 50 Breaststroke with a time of 41:56.  The JV Hornets continue to be undefeated with a record of 4-0.



Student athletes attend annual winter sports meeting

At the beginning of each season, student athletes are required to attend the annual sport meeting. This season, students involved in basketball, swimming, skiing, track, and ice hockey go to the winter sports meeting that was held on December 8th in the auditorium.


Wreath making offered for workshop Wednesday

For Advisory Workshop Wednesday held on December 4th, some student’s choose wreath making to get into the holiday spirit and learn the basics of making and decorating wreaths. Once students were finished decorating wreaths, they are allowed to bring them home to use as Christmas decorations.


Veteran soldiers visit Manchester Essex school

Manchester Essex Regional School District students gather in the gym to honor veterans who have fought in our country. Each year, veterans come around this time of the year and give honorable speeches to students and faculty.


Sixth grade science class builds atoms

Sixth graders in Pat Locke’s science class learn about atoms by doing an arts and crafts project. Students use Styrofoam and
cotton balls to represent the different parts of the atoms, like the protons, neutrons, and electrons. By doing this activity sixth graders learned all about that atoms parts and structure.



Seventh grade class create ceramic bowls

In art teacher Tamera Burns’ seventh grade ceramics class, students start of the year by making bowls into an animal of their choice. Students start of the year to get them ready for the rest of the year and high school.


Seventh Grade Holds a Quiz Bowl on halfday

On the first half day of the year, seventh graders
participated in a quiz bowl. During the quiz bowl, students gather in their pod
to play the game. Throughout the game, students get in teams and race to see
which team can answer questions the fastest that are shown on Power Point


Juniors Investigate Accuracy and Precision in Chemistry

The juniors of E block chemistry are measured the volume and temperature of water in a graduated cylinder. After measuring
the water they added different shapes and sizes of metal pieces in order to find the accurate volume and mass of the water and various metals.