Unjustified presence of Islamophobia in the U.S. increases, negatively affects Muslims

Following recent terrorism attacks spanning the globe, more and more people have become increasingly afraid of the Muslim population, a fear that is unjustified.

Islamophobia, prejudice or hatred against members of the Muslim community, is especially on the rise in America.

The fear that Americans have of Muslims stems from the fear of terrorist attacks; however, data from the FBI shows that Islamic extremists committed only 6% of all terrorist attacks in the US between 1980 and 2005.

Americans do not have an adequate amount of information to make judgments about members of the Islamic faith. The Arab American Institute reported in 2014 that 52% of Americans felt that they did not know enough about Islam and Muslims.

The existence of this prejudice cannot be denied, and it has made lives of Muslims living in the US become increasingly difficult.

Data from a Gallup.com poll in 2010 shows that about 60% of Muslims living in America feel that non-Muslim Americans are prejudiced towards them.

Islamophobia is a form of racism, and Muslims face daily difficulties of racial profiling and snap judgments from those around them.

Gallup.com also reported that about 28% of Muslim students in the New York public school system in 2010 reported being stopped or searched by police officers due to what they considered racial profiling.

BuzzFeed recently released a video in which four non-Muslim women were asked to wear hijabs, a headscarf typically worn by Muslim women, for a day. The video depicts the daily struggles and prejudices that Muslim women face.

One participant said in the video that she “felt the need to be weirdly smiley and really nice.” Another was patted down more than normal at the airport, and all the women felt like they were stared at by strangers throughout the whole day.

The four women were not even Muslims, yet they were still victims of snap judgments and misconceptions from the American population just because they were wearing something that a Muslim woman would typically wear.

It is time for people, especially Americans, to realize that members of the Muslim of the population need to be accepted into society rather than fall victims of prejudice.