Student Council organizes annual blood drive

Members of the Student Council organized their annual blood drive on March 11 in the school gymnasium.

According to Student Council adviser Abigail Donnelly, who helped organize the blood drive for the second year in a row, the student council partnered with the Red Cross and was able to collect a total of 24 units of blood, equivalent to about 24 pints.

About a dozen students helped with the running and organization of the event, and there were a total of 60 volunteers who volunteered to donate blood, 20 of whom were able to donate.

There were certain restrictions for donors, which prevented some people from being able to donate. All blood donors must be at least 16 years old, meet certain weight requirements depending on their height and sex, and be generally healthy, according to Donnelly.

Due to the number of volunteers and the fact that most of the collected blood will be used locally, Donnelly says she is confident that the Student Council achieved its initial goals of “raising awareness about blood donation” and “serving the community.”

Senior Jackson Haskell, who volunteered at the snack table to help keep donors’ blood sugar levels up, expressed his gratitude for the opportunity to help.

“I felt like I made a difference. Even though I wasn’t able to donate blood, I was happy that I was able to still volunteer and help out other students,” he said.

Junior Toni Patota, a first-time donor, shared a similar sentiment about helping others.

“I always promised myself that I would donate as soon as I could. It’s great that I can really help someone who needs a donation,” she said.

According to Donnelly, there is always an urgent need for blood in any community, and both she and the Student Council appreciate the efforts made by “both first-time and repeat volunteers and donors.”