School readies new schedule for next year

Changes to the high school class schedule will take effect for the 2015-2016 school year. The schedule will continue to rotate but in two different segments, according to Principal Patricia Puglisi. “We’ll be locking the beginning of the day,” she said. The last four blocks of the day will be the other locked section, according to Puglisi. “Class periods will still remain the same amount of time, and we’ll still have A through G. The only difference will be that the blocks don’t rotate all the way through the day. The first three blocks will be an A, B, and C rotation, and the afternoon classes will also rotate with each other,” Puglisi said. The two separate rotating blocks will allow the school to hire more part-time teachers. “[The schedule change] gives us the opportunity to more easily hire part-time staff,” Puglisi said. Regarding the addition of part-time staff members, French teacher Erin Fortunato said that the change would make scheduling easier for prospective part- time staff because they would hypothetically be able to schedule their classes in one of the two rotating sections. “It would just make it easier for a person to have a part- time position. The change is in the hopes that we will be able to find a part-time teacher, which is already difficult as it is,” Fortunato said. There are some challenges that the school will have to overcome as a result of the changes to the schedule. “We’re separating our staff from the middle school, so there are two challenges that we’ll face; we’ll need to hire additional 0.6 teachers, and also music will still be shared [with the middle school],” Puglisi said. Although the schedule will have logistical benefits for the school, junior Nathan Evans said that he thinks the system will be difficult to grasp at first. “It’s always hard to learn a new schedule, and I think it will be especially difficult for high schoolers who are used to the current schedule,” Evans said. Junior Chris Milne also brought up a possible fallback to the new schedule plan. “It definitely might be difficult to go through difficult classes when they are only in the morning and before lunch. I feel like kids will constantly be tired so grades might be worse in the morning classes,” he said. The bell schedule will be reevaluated for after next year’s trial year, according to Puglisi.