Next Year’s updated schedule warrants a need for advisory changes

Due to the separating the middle and high school schedules, the current system of advisory calls for change, according to Principal Patricia Puglisi.

Puglisi explained the origins of turbo advisory as a result from the converging schedules of the middle school and high school.

“When we implemented advisory, the high school schedule was paired up with the middle school schedule. Since the middle school gets out at 11:32 a.m., and the high school doesn’t get out until 2:15 p.m., there needed to be a schedule that would match for the shared staff. So we created this turbo advisory block which was two hours and 30 minutes of something different,” she said.

Currently the turbo advisory days are planned ahead of time; however, Puglisi said the prescheduling of advisory should change once the middle and high school schedules separate next year.

“If we find we want to do a particular event, then we can just do that at a time when it seems needed,” she said.

Following the prescheduled calendar, a 2 hour and 30 minute turbo advisory was held on March 18, when the students took a Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance (YRBS) survey, and participated in The Pages Project, which is an art project Ms. Powers and the National Art Honors Society configured. With leftover time, the grades compete against other grades in trivial games.

However, the most recent Turbo Advisory had scarce attendance, specifically senior students, according to Principal Puglisi.

“A bunch of my friends didn’t come to school that day, and I don’t really blame them. It’s not like anything substantial could be taught in the half hour classes, and there clearly wasn’t much importance to those games we played afterwards,” senior Meghan Conway said.

Sophomore Annabelle Lord-Patey said she thought that advisory was important for each class.

“I don’t have any classes with some of the kids in my advisory. Advisory is a welcome break from schoolwork, and I get to see other people in my grade whom I don’t normally,” she said.

The advisory scheduling was discussed recently, according to Puglisi, and there have been adjustments made to the schedule for the rest of the year.

“The rest of the school year will be the half an hour advisories. June 3rd scheduled to have an Turbo advisory, but we have decided against that and to have a full day of school that week, mainly because it is graduation week and it’s a difficult date to manage,” Puglisi said.