Fantasy Supreme Court prepares students for AP exam

Approaching the Advanced Placement exam, the AP United States Government class is participating in a fantasy Supreme Court league.

AP U.S. Government teacher Jennifer Coleman hopes that the fantasy league will help students grasp a better understanding of how the United States federal court system works.

“For AP test, we focus a lot on past Supreme Court cases, so I thought that paying close attention to the current court would help prepare the class,” she said.

Coleman stated that the present judicial system is changing precedents set by their former counterparts, making it an ideal time to study this branch of government.

“We have a Supreme Court right now that is making monumental decisions that could affect the rights of all U.S. citizens, especially students,” she said.

According to junior Tyler Quade, the league is educational, yet still fun.

“The league makes you do a lot of research. It is important to know all of the justices and their opinions or rulings on past cases,” he said.

Participants are expected to make accurate predictions for each justice of the Supreme Court, on whether he/she will overturn or uphold the decision made in a lower court.

The class has been predicting outcomes of a select few cases such as Equal Employment Opportunity Commission v. Abercrombie & Fitch.

According to Coleman, the winner of the league will receive bonus points on their next test. That being said, the league is not just restricted to students.

“Our league is specifically students in the class, but I also opened it up to any faculty who wanted to join. Anyone can participate in a league, ours is exclusive [to members of the class] though,” she said.

Junior Nathan Evans found that the idea has helped bring excitement to an otherwise bland topic.

“The fact that some extra points are at risk really helps get everyone involved. I have found that it encourages me to learn more about the Supreme Court of the United States,” he said.