Drama Club Performs at Dramafest

By Courtney Fraser

Members of the Drama Club progressed through to the Semi-Final competition of Dramafest after their qualifying performance of “Volpone” at the preliminary rounds.

Throughout the day on Feb. 28, eight schools from the North Shore came to Manchester-Essex to perform.

“Volpone,” meaning “fox” in Italian, is a play about a very rich man who tricks all of his friends into thinking they are going to get his money in his will.

The traditional commedia dell’arte has characters who mimic the behaviors of several animals such as the dove, crow, and vulture.

The performance is a Renaissance comedy that has been modified to fit the time frame of 40 minutes.

Auditions for “Volpone” were held in early December. Since then, actors and managers have been rehearsing four times a week after school.

Director Elizabeth Edgerton has been working with the Drama Club for roughly eight years. During her career as the director, she has led drama students to finals twice.

“It’s a great experience for our students to see different kinds of drama and different theatre departments. The competition pushes our students to do really well,” Edgerton said.

Assisting Edgerton in directing the play is junior Chelsea Rose, who has made the Drama Club a large part of her high school career.

“Drama Club is cool because I’ve been involved in both acting and directing. The experience is really fun but also overwhelming when it comes to competition,” Rose said.

Competing in Dramafest are 115 High Schools across New England who fight to be one of the 14 schools that perform at the finals in Boston.

“Dramafest is my favorite memory of my high school career. You make friends with almost everyone, and they’re all really friendly. One year, I was singing a song in the hallway, and within seconds, almost 20 kids were singing along with me,” senior and actor Courtney MacDougall said.

Makeup artists Rose, senior Devon Musgrave-Johnson, freshman Madison Palmer, and sophomore Maya Palmer received awards for excellence in makeup art for the play. Freshman A.J. Rhuda and junior Maddie Shaw won awards but for excellence in performance.

The Drama Club participated in the semi-finals on Mar. 14 at the Montachusett Regional Vocational Technical School; however, the group didn’t move on to finals in Boston on Mar.  26-28.