YMCA and MERMS Presents “Legally Blonde Jr. the Musical”

During the weekend of Friday December 12th, the middle school presented “Legally Blonde Jr. the musical.” The students have been working hard since September and were excited to show off their talents. Director Nicole Leotsakos from the North Shore YMCA Theatre has worked with twenty two of the most talented and expressive students to put on an amazing production. This year, the play consisted of a female cast, so the male parts were all played by girls. This stretched the actresses’ limits and got them thinking outside of the box in order to transform into male characters. Leotsakos had the help of Sara Jaffe and Carissa Gerber as assistant directors and managers, as well as sophomore Robert Carter as house manager and a few other students as stage crew.

The story of Legally Blonde follows Elle Woods, a sorority girl from Malibu, in her journey to find true meaning of herself outside of her looks. Her heart takes her to Harvard Law School to win back the guy she loves, but she soon learns that she is a hardworking, independent woman that enjoys helping people through practicing law.

The Cast:

AnaCarpri Burke

Sylvie Oldeman

Aoife Dalton

Courtney Dellicker

Grayson Lockwood

Julia Kaper

Savannah Reilly

Greta Dickson

Lila Whitman

Madeline Lai

Sasa Willems

Lydia Shaw

Emily Johnson

Abby Thomas

Heather Adams

Bonnie Gerhardt

Bradlee Brooks

Anna Whitten

Morgan Phippen

Charlotte Ward

Lilly Coote

Lily Phipps


Drums by eighth grader Kendall Hersey