April WebSurfer

Graph TV is a brand new website perfect for when you’re trying to decide what TV show to start on Netflix, On Demand, or just on network TV. The homepage simply features the title of the website in big letters and a search bar. Type in whatever TV show you wish to find reviews on, and it will display a graph of assorted ratings. It takes the average ratings by episode from users on IMDB and plots the points based on the highest and lowest ratings out of 10. Breaking Bad on AMC, for example, ranges from about an 8.25 out of 10 all the way to a perfect 10/10. GraphTV gives you the feedback you’re looking for with just a quick search and a click.

Silk Interactive fully satisfies the artistic desire users crave while browsing the Internet. Start by dragging your mouse in any pattern you choose, and release the mouse. Click on the Controls button to change the color and blend multiple colors together. There is also a setting to change the symmetry for each line, so the drawing can either be abstract or with a symmetrical form. Draw as few lines as possible, or layer them on until they’re indistinguishable from each other. Either way, it’s a blank canvas waiting to be drawn on.

2048 started the craze that is sweeping the nation, or at least our school. Now popular on the App Store, 2048 is an addicting puzzle game that can take up numerous hours of your day. The object of the game is to combine like numbers, and the board usually starts off with either a set of 2s, a set of 4s, or a combination of the two. Eventually, the numbers increase on the number line – 2,4,8,16,32,64,128,256,512,1024, and finally ending with 2048. The player must be mindful of the board so it doesn’t fill up, leaving no more possible combinations. It is a game of strategy that is quite easy to get lost in.