Turning in essays made easier with new program

Turn It In is a program recently purchased for the high school’s history and english departments. The interface allows students to turn in papers online and teachers to grade them quickly and thoroughly.

According to Principal Patricia Puglisi, school administrators had looked into this program in the past, but this was the first year that they were able to find extra money in the budget to afford the startup costs for Turn It In.

The program allows students to check their own work for any errors in plagiarism or citations prior to submission. It also reduces the risk of losing a paper or forgetting it in a printer at home. Students can also see their grades immediately after the teacher has corrected their paper online.

“The goal of this program is not to catch more  mistakes and call students out on them; it is to provide as much feedback as possible to aid in student learning and development,” Puglisi said.

Teachers, on the other hand, are able to grade papers anywhere that they have access to the Internet, avoid missing errors with help from a grammar checking option, and leave in-depth comments without space restrictions directly onto the papers.

“I really thought that I would miss having the papers actually in my hands as I graded them, but the convenience of being able to grade anywhere outweighs it,” English teacher Gloria Tanner said.

It is not mandatory for teachers to use Turn It In, but every teacher from the english and history departments received preliminary training online in December to help them use the website efficiently.

Students in Tanner’s class have turned in two essays so far on Turn It In and are generally optimistic about the future of the website.

“It is weird to turn in our essays online at first, but I think that Turn It In will eventually make students and teachers more accountable for their work and help us improve our writing,” junior Ariana Jackson said.Print