Middle school participates in a National Day of Service

On Wednesday, September 11, 2013, students from the middle school participated in a National Day of Service (http://www.911day.org) by creating a 9/11 memorial perennial garden on the MERMHS campus, after reflecting on the events, courage and kindness towards others that was occurred on 9/11.

Students were nominated by teachers in each grade to represent fellow classmates in the planting of the garden, which will be added to every year.  Students were asked to individually “pay it forward” in commemoration of 9/11; as a school, the middle school, they “paid it forward” by planting our memorial perennial garden.

If parents or community members are interested in donating perennials to the garden now or in the future, please contact Steve Guditus at gudituss@mersd.org.





Author: eppc

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