Welcome back to high school information

The high school will be following the schedule below for the first two days of school:

Opening Day: Wednesday August 28th (Day 5)

Students will arrive and will be directed to Advisor’s room location.

Due to the altered scheduled there will be no bells during the school day.

7:45-8:20   Advisory Meetings

8:25-9:20     Summer Reading Groups Meet (Locations will be announced )

9:25-10:00     D Block    (Grade 9 will attend a Class Meeting)

10:05-10:35  E Block    (Grade 10 will attend a Class Meeting)

10:40-12:10    F Block     (LUNCH)

12:15-12:37  C Block

12:42-1:09   G Block

1:14-1:41   A Block

1:46-2:15   B Block



Second Day: Thursday August 29th (Day 6)


7:45-8:44 B Block     (9th & 10th grade will be called for photos)

8:48-9:47     D Block    (11th & 12th Grade will be called for photos)

9:51-10:36 C Block    (Grade 11 will attend a Class Meeting)

10:40-12:10  E Block     (LUNCH)

12:14-12:40  F Block     (Grade 12 will attend a Class Meeting)

12:44-1:14   G Block

1:18-1:46   A Block

1:50-2:15     Advisory




Some important links to remember are:

High School lunch schedule

MEMO:                http://memo.mersd.org/

HANDBOOK:      http://merhs.mersd.org/

SUMMER READING:       https://sites.google.com/site/merhssummerreading/groups

TEACHER WEBPAGES:   http://www.merhs.mersd.org/Pages/MERHS_Teachers/index


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