MEMO wishes you a great summer!

The fourth quarter students of Manchester Essex Multimedia Online wish the students, staff, and community a relaxing and happy summer.

If you are a sophomore, junior, or senior next year, we invite you to join the MEMO team. It is an honors class that is one semester, but can be repeated. If you are interested, please contact your guidance counselor before the school year begins.


Students Study Titration with Oxalic Acid

Sophomores and juniors taking chemistry as a course did a lab this past week, with the objective to determine the concentration between two basic solutions by titration using oxalic acid. In the lab, students also used phenolphthalein as a color indicator to see what was happening in the chemical reaction.


Sixth graders bring awareness to service project

Sixth grade science teacher Pat Locke took a trip to Haiti during April break to help a local orphanage/school.  The grade 6 project ran in three phases.  The first phase was a food/toiletry/toy drive.  The kids’ donations filled four duffle bags, and Locke brought them with her when she went to Haiti in April.

Phase 2 was a fundraiser — the kids raised close to $3,000, which will be used to support 10 children in the Marion Austin school in Haiti, which was named after a volunteer who spent much of her time in Haiti.

Phase 3 was the awareness building walk to Singing Beach and back. 



Style in the Halls: iPhone Cases

Students at Manchester Essex Regional High school show off their unique phone cases. Each student has their own different case that expresses their interests.




New Principal visits Manchester-Essex

Patricia Puglisi is the new principal who will be starting at Manchester-Essex this upcoming school year. She visited the school this past week to become familiar with the building. 


National Art Honor Society Inducts new members

Last week a group of around 20 NAHS members gathered in the auditorium to induct the new art scholars into the society. Art work was on display in the hallway for people to view before and after the ceremony.


Freshman class watches Schindler’s List

Freshmen Students study history from 1933-1945. To end their unit on the Holocaust students get permission slips signed to watch the movie, “Schindler’s List”.   


Senior Citizens Tour MERHS Art Show

Local senior citizens who live in Manchester went on a mystery ride to the high school to view the high school art show. A mystery ride is a car ride to a surprise location for their field trip. The seniors toured artwork, guided by members of the National Art Honors Society, and had tea with cookies supplied by the school.


Class of 2013 Graduates as first class from the new building

On Friday June 7th, students, family members and faculty gathered in the gymnasium for the 2013 Commencement Ceremony. This class is the first class to attend all four years in the new MERHS building.

 Graduation will be shown on local cable channels on the following dates:

Saturday, June 15            Channel 12         8 pm     
Sunday,   June 16             Channel 67         3 pm
Monday, June 17              Channel 67         7:30 pm
Sunday,  June 23              Channel 67         8 pm


Art department holds annual high school show

Every year, the art department puts up work representing each student who has taken art that year.