Irish sailing team visits Manchester Essex Regional High School

On Monday, May 13th, a group of six Irish students and their coach toured Manchester Essex Regional High School. They also shadowed some students for the day. The group was traveling around the coast of New England participating in sailing competitions. The group lives in West Cork, which is in Southern Ireland.

The students are part of the Schull Community College Sailing Team (College is the equivalent of High School in Ireland). Their names are Fionn, Darragh, Mark, Liam, Gleb and Tomas and they are between the ages of 17 and 18. The team won the Irish Schools Sailing Association (ISSA) National Championship in April. They hosted the 2011 ISAF Team Racing World Championship and placed 2nd in the youth division representing Ireland. They came to the U.S. for a week to race Manchester Essex Regional High School, Duxbury HS, Tabor Academy, the Hotchkiss School, and Portsmouth Abbey.

Different members of their team visited two years ago to prepare for the world championships by racing against the top teams in New England. This year, the teams they raced were in the top 6 of over 70 teams in New England. They stayed at senior Jacob Martz’s house as he is a member of the MERHS sailing team. They raced against MERHS on Monday afternoon and MERHS beat the Irish team 4 races to 3. Afterwards,  they had a big team cookout at the Martz’s house. Tuesday morning they left for Duxbury and then to the rest of the schools. They returned to Ireland on Sunday morning.