Four students represent school at 2013 Northeast Junior Districts

Congratulations to the 2013 Northeast Junior District participants from our school for their outstanding performance. 

Maura McCormick and Bella Schmidt represented ME in the Festival Girls Chorus.

Jake D’Ambrosio represented ME in the Festival Boys Chorus, and Alexei Solomon-Goldsmith represented ME in the Festival Orchestra. 

All students had to audition along with over 100 private and public schools in the northeast district.  The festival was held in Lowell High School on March 23rd.



Students receive critiques from NYC artist

Gareth Hinds visited 7th grade art classes. Students have been learning about sequential artwork and graphic novels.


Green Team’s plants inspire 8th grade artists

Caroline Hunt-Epp’s eighth grade art class goes through a step-by-step process to create observational drawings and paintings of plants from around the school. The plants have been in the school for around a year and are cared for by members of the green team as well as biology teacher Maria Burgess. Last year, the Green Team Scholars decided that we needed to “spice-up” the school as it was so sterile and bland looking.  So they wrote letters to the Cricket, Beacon and Gloucester Times with a request for donations and it was a great response.


MERSD Welcomes Two New Principals

The Manchester Essex Regional School District has had to choose two new principals for the middle and high school. Parents of students that go to the middle/high school had the chance of meeting the new principals on Tuesday night, March 25th. Patricia Puglisi will be the new high school principal and Steven Guditis will be the new middle school principal.



1st Annual Teacher Talent Show comes to MERSD!

Over 20 faculty members came together to put on a talent show for over 385 students. This fundraiser was hosted by the Global Issus class in support of the Somaly Mam Foundation to stop sex trafficking.



Style in the Halls: Last Days of Winter

Students at Manchester Essex Regional High School are turning heads with their unique sense of style. All the students show a different trend that they make their own.


Save A Life Tour informs about the dangers of drunk driving

A part of Humanities week run by Manchester Essex Librarian Sue Krause, and sponsored by the Spalding Trust, the Save A Life Tour came to Manchester Essex High School. Students found it a very effective way to learn about drunk driving by trying out a simulator.


After School Dodgeball Tournament Raises Money for Somaly Mam

Middle school and high school students came together for a fun after school game of dodgeball. Seniors were in charge of each student’s entry to the game. The money raised from the dodge ball tournament went to Manchester Essex’s global issues class for their cause Somaly Mam.