Music, fundraising combine at A Cappella Night

By Carolyn Heslop

Joining together to organize an A Cappella Night that will help to raise money for Senior Week and gain recognition for the Sound Waves, the senior class and high school a cappella group, the Sound Waves, have scheduled a concert for April 26,  senior group member Katerina Eichenberger said.

According to Sound Waves director Donna O’Neill, there has been a Sound Waves concert the past two years. At their past concert, the group raised around $1,000. However, this is the first year that the group has decided to invite other schools to perform at and attend the concert, O’Neill said.

O’Neill said that the Sound Waves will be performing as the headline group of the night, but they will also be joined by the Wellesley High School’s a cappella group, the Renegades, and the Spectrum Highlights from Pingree.

The goal of the event is for the peers and parents of the students from other schools to come as well, which will hopefully add to the fundraising effort, O’Neill said.

“It will be a fun way to make our a cappella group more well-known among other towns and allow us to share our passion for music with others who are just as passionate,” Eichenberger said.

Senior class adviser James Wallimann added that there will also be a bake sale during intermission that will be run by the senior class, with the hopes of gaining some extra money for Senior Week activities. The class wants to add a trip to an indoor laser tag/go kart center, as well as a trip to the restaurant Fire and Ice in Boston, he said.

“I think that this is a great idea; the students are showing an immense amount of enthusiasm and commitment, and the class officers are displaying their responsibility in planning this event,” O’Neill said.

For four years, the Sound Waves have been performing at various community events, according to O’Neill, and this concert event will give them the opportunity to perform with talented students of their same age.

Wallimann said that he and the senior class are really looking forward to this final fundraising event and hope that there will be another huge turnout this year.

In addition to benefitting the senior class, this concert will also serve as a way to recognize the Sound Waves a cappella group, Eichenberger said.

“Nine of the fifteen members of the Sound Waves are seniors, and over the years, they all have become a very close-knit group, creating a very special sound of their own,” O’Neill said. “This concert is a very exciting way to celebrate the seniors last year in the Sound Waves.”