Library orders new E-Books thanks to Rotary grant

After receiving $2,700 grant from the Rotary Club, the library plans to update the 2005 World Peace and Understanding Library Project with new technology, such as E-Books.

“Back in the old building, the Rotary Club gave us money and bought books, and had the shelving [located in the printer room] made especially for us,” library teacher Sue Krause said.

According to her, the shelf was part of the World Peace and Understanding Project and contains books with topics in areas such as bullying, peace, social tolerance, and conflict resolution.

“In the fall, Debbie Marcus from the Rotary contacted me and said she wanted to add to the collection of books on that shelf,” Krause said. “I suggested that instead of ordering more books, to order E-Books, and she thought it was a great idea.”

A few weeks ago, Krause received news that the Rotary grant application to provide funds to update the project had been accepted, and the library received $2,700 worth of E-Books, she said.

“The grant proposal includes that Rotarians have to be involved somehow,” according to Krause. “ So there are plans for creating an E-Book club for middle and high school students, promoting outside reading, discussion, and mentoring.”

Krause will order the E-Books and educate students about availability of these online resources.

“There are two ways students can access these E-Books,” she said. “From home computers, students can go to the high school website, go into the library website and find Follett Shelf.”

According to Krause, student can log in using the username and password, both are “hornets,” to view the library’s collection of E-Books.

“So far we have 89 E-Books,” she said. “We will be adding 146 more because of the Rotary.”

Most of the E-Books are up-to-date fiction stories that kids want to read, such as “The Hunger Games” and “The Help,” as well as books that are part of the curriculum, such as “The Scarlet Letter” and “Moby Dick,” according to Krause.

“We also have books that contribute to the topic are of social tolerance and bullying, such as “Handling Peer Pressure” and “Living with Peer pressure and Bullying,” she said.

Senior Savannah Repucci said the online access from home gives students better opportunities for outside reading and schoolwork.

“The fact that we can access books for school online on our home computers will make our lives easier,” Repucci said. “As for outside reading, if there is a book I want to read, but my local library does not have it or the price at a bookstore is too expensive, these E-Books will allow me to read them at my own pace and in my own home.”

Senior Max Gove agrees the “opportunities for future students and the easy access to the E-Books, on home and school computers, are endless.”

According to Krause, access to the E-Books on the school computer is just as simple as accessing the books on a home computer.

“On the school computer, go into your favorites on Internet Explorer and open up the school library search. Click on middle/high school and search for any E-Book based on material type, keyword, author, etc,” she said.

If any students have questions or would like to give their input on the new E-Books, see Mrs. Krause in the library.