Global issues class fundraises for well in Haiti

H2O for Life, an organization that provides developing countries with clean water, and the Global Issues class taught by James Wallimann’s Global Issues class have partnered to raise money for the St. Pierre School in Mirebalais, Haiti.

“The school has about 2,200 kids, four toilets and no water, so we’re raising money to build a well so they can have access to fresh water,” Wallimann said.

After completing their fundraising, the students will give the money they raised to H2O for Life, who will then match the amount and organize construction in Haiti.

Currently with about $3,300, the class has a $6,500 goal in mind for the end of the year.

To spread awareness about water deprivation in developing countries, the Global Issues class “taped statistics in the hallways and handed out facts concerning fresh water and conservation,” senior Savannah Repucci said.

The class recently held two in-school fundraisers:  the dodge ball tournament, which made around $750, and, with help from the National Art Honors Society, the class sold student-decorated backpack cards for $1 each, bringing in $60 so far.

“The dodge ball tournament was very successful! It was great to have a fundraiser that so much of the student body wanted to be a part of,” senior Kaitlin Cochand said.

As for outside school fundraisers, the class held sponsored restaurant nights at The Landing, Not Your Average Joes, Jalapeños, and Texas Roadhouse, with all proceeds going to the class.

Coming up the class will hold another restaurant night at the Hale Street Tavern and a rummage sale.

They’re also selling “water droplets” and T-shirts at local stores, according to Repucci.

Other than helping a community in Haiti, the H2O for Life fundraiser is also teaching students “compassion, money management and conservation of resources,” Cochand said.

“I think the students have learned empathy towards people who are lacking such basic needs,” Wallimann said.