Students meet for the first National Art Honors Society meeting of the year

Students who have participated in specific art classes were selected by high school art teacher Caroline Epp to become a part of the National Art Honors Society. The society meets regularly and participates in a number of activities to promote art throughout the community. Members are required to complete a minimum of seven to ten art related community serves hours. On Wednesday, December 7th and Thursday, December 8th, 2011 the first meetings were held at seven AM in one of the schools art rooms. There will be a short induction ceremony during the chorus and band winter concert, December 15, 2011 to introduce the new members.


Returning Active Members
Alex Clarke
Melissa Moore
Samantha Nieberle
Anna Tyler
Anya Ciarametaro
Aryanna Tiberii
Ben Shopper
Chloe Gothie
Dana Filias
Kathelyn Carr
Kaitlin Cochand
Kirsten Coale
Megan Azadian
Megan Jones
Olivia Mastindino
Sarah Sargeant
Shauna Rice
Sophie Mastindenio
James Kamins
Marisa Lewiecki
Amanda Ryan
New Inductees
Diana Grimes
Peter Cottingham
Hope Summit Kincaid
Riley McCarthy
Kelsey Trumble
Julia Paccoone
Emily Arntsen
Lindsey Duff
Paige Wood
Mia Rodier
Isadora Decker-Lucke
Tiffany Vander Laan
Julia MacLeod
Ashley Deschenes
Calvin Lamothe
Zack Trembowicz
Haleigh Hunt
David Hipsman
Dominique Noriega
Perry Burnham
Nicole D’Ambrosio
Keith Blagden
Sarah Lewiecki
Ella Rodier
Sophie Neligan
Paige Zaval


Author: MEMO

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