Teacher returns to special education department after six-year leave

By Carolyn Heslop


  Returning after his departure from the school in 2005, special education aide and junior class adviser Jared Harvey rejoins the staff this year.

  Harvey graduated from Lafayette College in 2002 with a BA in English. Then from 2003-2005 he was an aide here in the special education department. At that time, he co-founded the boys’ lacrosse program, along with history teacher Dan Jewett.

  From 2005-2011 Harvey taught honors literature and senior language arts at Landmark School. Harvey compared his experience here to Landmark, noting that he now is able to have closer relations with a larger group of students in a much larger community.

  “The challenges for me are getting to know all of the students because there are so many more of them this year. The population has almost doubled,” Harvey said.

  Junior class president Calvin Lamothe had the opportunity to meet with Harvey regarding the junior class. “The first meeting went really well. He seemed really prepared and really energized about being the class adviser,” Lamothe said.

  Harvey appears to be extremely excited and enthusiastic about being the junior class adviser, according to junior secretary Dustin Ferzacca. “He came into our junior class meeting wearing a Tom Petty T-shirt, and I thought ‘This is one cool guy,’’ Ferzacca said.

  Harvey said his goal is to raise around $2,500 for the junior class. “He has some great fundraising ideas such as class dues, raffles, a spaghetti dinner, and coffee night,” Lamothe said.

  “I am excited to be back in Manchester, where I started my career, and I am excited to be working with so many familiar faces. Coming back to all my previous friends and co-workers made the transition much easier,” Harvey said.