College Representatives Come to MERHS

Representatives from many different colleges are assigned to several areas around the country in which they come and advertise their college. The visits are beneficial to students because the representatives get to know them better, and are the first ones to read the students’ applications if the students are to apply. Representatives are impressed with students that will take time out of their day to get to know a college better, which helps a student in the application process. Many seniors take advantage of these visits, and occasionally a junior is allowed to attend as well. High school guidance counselor Karen D’Amour talks about how the school might eventually allow two to three juniors to attend the meetings alongside the seniors. The visits continue into early November this year.



Students wear blue to combat bullying

On October 3, Manchester Essex Middle High School kicked off bullying prevention month with Blue Shirt Day. The objective of this event was to show enough support for anti-bullying in hopes to stomp it out. Every student at Manchester Essex was asked to wear a blue shirt to help this cause. Sponsored by The Diversity Alliance, a school club devoted to acting on social acceptance and tolerance, it was supposed to make the day bullying prevention around the globe. Physical education teacher M’Lena Gandolfi, leader of the Diversity Alliance, was pleased to see the support from the Manchester Essex student body.


Gallery: Homecoming activities make their debut

For the first year, Homecoming has many associated activities.



MERHS hosts annual “Night of Stars” Talent Show auditions

The Spaulding Education Fund is holding their third annual “Night of Stars” talent show. All the money raised from the show will go to the Manchester Essex School District.

The show will be held in the Manchester Essex High School auditorium on Sunday, October 23rd. The format will be different this year.  There will be 2 shows, at 4pm and 5:30pm.  Please click on this link to buy tickets or to see the show’s program.

Tickets go on sale starting October 11th; the show does not include judges, and will just be a family friendly night of great entertainment.



Biology menagerie teaches science and responsibility

Biology teacher Maria Burgess keeps animals in her classroom to demonstrate the different habitats and lifestyles of the organisms. One tank imitates a tropical rainforest, containing one fire-bellied toad and two Anole lizards. Another case holds two leopard geckos, and is the epitome of a desert ecosystem. The last case is the home of a mini lop-eared bunny named Mimzy. All of Burgesses’ students have the responsibility of taking care of these classroom pets by feeding them and cleaning their living space.


Breaking News Oct 5 2011: The geckos have laid 2 eggs! They will hatch in 40-90 days.




“World Challenge” presents the upcoming trip to Costa Rica/Nicaragua

World Challenge is a company that partners with the school district to send students to developing countries for self directed adventure and service programs. Last summer, students traveled to Ecuador. The trip planned for next summer will visit Costa Rica and Nicaragua. Faculty advisor Eric Magers arranged to have the students from the Ecuador trip present the program to the entire high school.



Debate team competes at Yale University

The MERHS Debate team visited Yale University in late September for a tournament. The results were overall good and are listed below by category, each pertaining their own unique scoring system.

Public Forum Debate

Kirsten Coale and Margaret Henry (4-2), eliminated in triple-octos
Alden Burnham and Matt Corwin (4-2), eliminated in triple-octos
Andrew Randall and Graham Shaw (3-3) 

Parliamentary Debate

Max Rodier and Jacob Martz (4-1), eliminated in quarterfinals
Fiona Davis and Kendall McCormick (3-2)
Iriana Rodriquez and Ashley Edelstein (2-3)
Neil Henry and Erik Rajunas (0-5)
Annie Gonzales and Landon Komishane (0-5)


Jared LaFontaine (0-3-4-6-5)
Katarina Eichenberger & Allie Freed (4-4-4-3-0)
Chris Dente & Edward Siqueira (5-5-0-5-5)