High school student body elects new class presidents

By Sofia Del Valle



Last month, high school students voted for their 2011-2012 class president, and four students who previously had not held offices were elected.

Before students handed in their ballot, all candidates presented a speech to fellow classmates explaining why they were best for the position.

According to all four class presidents, they share a common goal to ensure that their class is financially stable by the end of the year. Though all students are required to donate a fixed class due each year, presidents are responsible for raising additional money by organizing fundraisers. They also execute other tasks to improve the overall high school experience for their class.

Calvin Lamothe, junior class president, said, “Our class really has no money. Our base goal is to make $25,000 dollars, but we want to exceed that and do as much as possible to make sure we’re in a good position for senior year.”

In order to achieve this goal, Lamothe said the junior class will be hosting bake sales and possibly a battle of the bands as well as a silent auction.

According to senior class president Andrew Randall, “This year we want to achieve our goal of raising $25,000-$30,000 in order to have a great senior trip and provide prom for everyone.”

As for the senior fundraising possibilities, “We have a few ideas that we can’t disclose, but everyone will find out soon!” he said.

Freshman class president Meghan Conway acknowledged that the first year of high school can be intimidating, but she said she wants it to be the best freshman year possible and she wants to make sure everyone is included.

According to Erik Rajunas, president for the sophomore class, his prior involvement with Student Council played a part in his win.

“I feel like I have the devotion,” he said. “I have a really strong urge to help this class.”