Green Team: New sustainability projects, course, on-site

By Austen Coviello



With the start of a new school year, the Green Team has many changes planned, according to Spanish teacher and Green Team adviser Eric Magers.

Green Team Scholars 2.0 is a new course in which students can work on individual sustainability projects while learning about the environment, according to the Green Team Scholars course description. Green Scholars 1.0 and Green Interns are still running this year as well.

“As of right now, the program has exceeded my expectations,” Magers said.

The on-site compost facility designed by junior Jackie Rose and senior James Kamins, Magers said, is also a big accomplishment for the Green Team this year because it will allow the school to control a big portion of its waste.

Another Green Team accomplishment is the vegetable gardens that were added last year. According to Magers, people have stolen from the garden on multiple occasions. Over Labor Day weekend, he said, three cars full of people took about 10 bags of produce.

“People seem to think our gardens are community gardens, which is very strange to me,” Magers said. “I am just disgusted.”

The most important project, Magers said, is encouraging sustainability throughout the school district. Senior Megan Azadian is currently working on this project with fellow Green Team Scholars 2.0 participants Kamins and Rose. Together, they are planning to “better the environmental awareness” of the students and faculty through signage, Azadian said.

A problem the Green Team has encountered is the cross-contamination of the different types of waste throughout the school, especially in the Lucidomatic, Magers said. This issue could potentially risk the contracts the school has with the waste collecting companies. The Green Team Scholars 2.0 students “will be able to change behaviors in our school district,” Magers said, “but it’s going to take a lot of time.”

“The Green Team has made a lot of improvements since I was in it two years ago,” said junior and former Green Team member Megan Jones.  “I am really amazed by the progress and new things it has done.”

According to Magers, the Green Team has many new accomplishments, but it still has more work to do.