Prepare your closet with spring fashion trends

Spring is in the air, and it’s not only the tulips that are in bloom but also the new spring fashion trends.

By Molly Friedman


 Spring is in the air, and it’s not only the tulips that are in bloom but also the new spring fashion trends.

It’s time for everyone to come out of their winter hibernation of sweatpants, jeans, UGGS, and winter jackets and transition to a more “springy” wardrobe.

  This season has been struck with a multitude of new trends including flowy dresses, sandals, shorts, bright colors, and fun accessories.  These new fads have taken over fashion websites and blogs in preparation for the spring lines.

A dress is a great way to put together a simple cute outfit in a hurry. Delias has a great purple ruffle dress for $44.50 that is included in their Tropical Paradise spring line. Pair it with some earrings, a layered necklace, and a pair of strappy sandals and you’re set for a day out under the spring sun.

  It’s time to let your body remember what it feels like to be warm and show some skin, but not too much!

  After spending endless hours in winter boots and slippers, our feet deserve to have some air and breathe. Gladiator sandals, flip flops, and wedges are all great options and can be used both during the day and at night.

  Urban Outfitters has a wide shoe selection ranging from sandals and heels to boots and sneakers. A nude color shoe is a necessity to any closet because it goes with every color and can be dressed up or down. Their Cooperative Canvas Strap Wedge, $48, is the right amount of height and comes in orange, nude, and black.

  No one wants to have their ghastly white winter legs forever, so invest in a pair of high waisted jean shorts from Free People for $117 and pastel chino shorts from J.Crew for $49.50 to allow some sun to color your skin.

  Hide your blacks and grays in the back of your closet and make room for your pastels and bright colored clothes. Spring is when everything is in bloom, so why not make yourself pop with a bright striped shirt for $45.90 from Zara and a cute pair of sunglasses?

  Accessories add to any outfit and can sometimes be the missing link needed to complete the look. Take a simple tank top and jeans look and add a statement necklace to make it come together.

  Anthropologie has a great selection of necklaces and bracelets ranging in price and styles. Their nuances necklace, $48, is a bold statement that can stand alone on top of a tank top or paired with a strapless dress.

  Break out your bags, sunglasses, and fedoras because spring is here and it’s time to get warm!


Author: The Independent

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