HS students study for midterm exams

As the middle of the school year comes, the stress of midterms is in the air. Teachers are trying to squeeze in final second quarter grades while preparing for the upcoming exams. On top of studying all the material for each class, students are working to keep up their grades to end second quarter on a high note.

Students say time management plays a key role in trying to juggle all of the work given. The different studying techniques that students use help make the most of a person’s time. Sophomore Ellie Mortillaro says, “I write down the information over and over again or I use flashcards to memorize vocabulary and other information,” as her two main studying techniques. Other techniques consist of simply reading the information off of an outline or filling out a study guide given by a teacher. Teachers leave the decision up to the students as to how each person should study.

Whether the student chooses to study or not, midterms are here and the student body is scrambling to absorb as much information as possible.


Author: eppc

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