New fire drill solves crowd issues, improves student safety

Small, organized groups with advisers on turf relieve chaos, confusion

By Morgan Kennedy


 Recent changes to the fire drill system have created an easy and organized evacuation plan for emergency situations.  The new system requires students to exit the building at the sound of the alarm and walk to the football field.

  Under the old system, most students exited the building into the upper parking lot, where they pushed each other through parked cars to get to the back of the lot. The enclosed, spacious football field relieves this chaos and congestion.

  On the field, students split up and report to assigned positions according to yard lines where they meet their adviser along with nine other students.

  Teachers are in charge of 10 students, rather than an entire class, making it easier to keep track of students and recognize who is missing.

  According to Principal James Lee, once students report to their assigned positions on the field, four teachers circulate with a master attendance list. The attendance list makes its way to each group where the adviser holds a sign informing whether or not all students in the group are accounted for.

  If a student is missing, the attendance list will tell whether he or she needs to be located or is absent from school. In the case of an absent adviser, one of the four teachers with the master attendance list checks the group for missing students.

  The small entrance gate on the field causes some difficulty in quickly getting students away from the building.

According to Lee, the faculty is currently working on solving this problem. They are looking into the possibility of installing one large gate to accommodate more students at one time.

  The new system allows to easily account for students in lunch or in the library who may be without a teacher.          

  The new drill also improves safety conditions by clearing the parking lot for fire engines and emergency vehicles.


Author: The Independent

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